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   I've been thinking. And been avoiding my christmas break homework. I really do not understand the concept of homework over break D: (Where the heck is the double spacing? I'm already stuck in English mode...) But anyways, I was thinking about how not talented I am :iconsadplz: and this is a silly idea but I want to start a youtube channel. I want to do vlogs and fashion and makeup(weird huh), and have like a book/manga/anime etc review every week or something too. I just want to be entertaining. Does that sound boring? I've been spending much time just watching youtube videos and thinking about why I care for this stuff, and it's just entertaining for me...I would usually be thinking, "Just go for it! Do what you want! So many of youtubers are successful, why can't I be one of them?" and supporting myself(the only one :iconsadfaceplz: ) but for some reason, I'm just scared. I don't know how I would start it out, I don't have studio lights or a nice camera and I'm trying to also get other people's opinions, so if anyone checks this rant-y journal out, could you muster up a thought or two? (: I'm also just really scared, since a bunch of people at my school use youtube, but don't submit anything. I've always been the person who is too scared of what people think and in my head, I don't care! I want to not care because everyone sucks anyways. Just kidding! Not you friends! Ehh, I need some help please? (:
Anyways! Enough about me, I need you guys to tell me some stuff! Merry Christmas, to those who celebrate! What did you guys do to celebrate, or what have you been doing over break, if it is break for you guys! I love listening to you guys (:
I bought a new manga the other day, called Pandora Hearts. I got it because there were a bunch of volumes at my local bookstore and it looked like something I would get into easily. It's very good! Any of you, heard of it? What else do you guys like to read/watch? I started Attack On Titan, which is popular now, and I got back into Higurashi. Love love love it!
Well, Happy New Year and good day! I'm hoping to upload some art(I know I know, I keep saying it :( ) I have so much trouble on drawing bodies :( :iconspongebobsadplz:


I'm just a turd and a half, and I like to sleep.



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